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This is a community for Subaru and Kamui of CLAMP's X/1999 series (as well as Tokyo Babylon) as a couple, instead of pairing them with Seishiro and Fuuma.

Fanfiction, essays, and fanart are all welcome!! Anything dealing with Subaru/Kamui.

The Rules of the Game:
  • All posts must be Subaru/Kamui in nature. Please don't post just random things here.
  • We do not accept community promo posts at all.
  • Fanfiction, essays, and fanart are all welcome, so long as Subaru/Kamui is in there somewhere.
  • From now on, all posts must be friends only.
  • Look at this page closely. See the words "Subaru/Kamui"? That's right. This is a Subaru/Kamui community, not Seishiro/Subaru or Fuuma/Kamui. If you don't like it, shut the hell up and go back to your own communities. Rudeness regarding Subaru/Kamui will not be tolerated.
  • In case you're thinking about making a journal just for this community, trolling is not permitted! We will check your journal before we approve your membership, and if it's just something you created to look in on us (we found a few of this on the original Sleepwalker), you will not be permitted enterance. If you slip by us and we find it later, you will be kicked. Simple as that. Because spying and trolling is rude. XP
  • I don't want to see a single post or comment show up on here about how S/K is not possible in canon, etc etc etc. We are not CLAMP so we cannot say what is canon. This is our community for our love of Subaru/Kamui, not a place to complain about other 'shippers. No matter what people may think...
  • Lemons will be allowed as long as you put a WARNING and put it behind a cut. That goes for all fics: put them behind a cut so you don't spam up people's friends pages!
  • The bottom line: Don't be mean or the mod will have to be mean back, and that won't be fun.